Entry #37


2011-07-21 22:29:57 by Meonly70

Hey there NG. I've been really busy with my social life and school lately that I haven't had time to create any quality music to post up. I'm currently trying out different methods and styles, trying to learn more.

I'm hoping to master Dubstep and eventually begin creating that. I hope that you all stay updated for upcoming tracks!

Btw check out my soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/djlinkofficial


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2011-09-22 13:18:59

how did it come that you made songs to Krinkels?

Meonly70 responds:

I happen to be very lucky. Very lucky indeed.


2011-09-28 13:35:38

i love the music


2011-11-13 08:00:52

More trance, less dubstep.


2012-02-18 22:14:01

It's been a few years since I've been on newgrounds....but I came here to see what you've done. Good to see that you're productive. Hah, I'm commenting on this when it's from last year. Quiet some time. Good luck man, good luck.


2012-08-19 20:44:47

I love your music man!


2014-02-22 03:59:39

I like your sounds do you have a youtube account so I can subscribe to you there?