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2011-07-21 22:29:57 by Meonly70

Hey there NG. I've been really busy with my social life and school lately that I haven't had time to create any quality music to post up. I'm currently trying out different methods and styles, trying to learn more.

I'm hoping to master Dubstep and eventually begin creating that. I hope that you all stay updated for upcoming tracks!

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2011-01-28 00:43:50 by Meonly70

Lately I have been very busy with school among other things. I'm still trying to work on new songs from time to time. I will try to post more music as much as I can. New music will probably be posted less often, but only for a while.

I hope you all enjoy what there is now and everything else thats to come. :D

- Dj Link

Favorite Self Made Tracks

2010-11-07 12:25:08 by Meonly70

Here, I made a list of my favorite tracks from my compositions, for all of those who asked.

1) Essence of Creativity (Techno)
2) Heavenly Dance (Techno)
3) Celestial Night (Techno)
4) Forever (Techno)
5) Solas (Techno)
6) Lost In Time (Trance)
7) Remember (Hardstyle)
8) My Punishment (Hardstyle/Nustyle)
9) Benni Loop Continued (House/Techno)
10) Incident 001a (Techno)

Thats my top 10 favorites from my own music. :P

My top 10 favorites off Newgrounds:
1) {dj-N}Intercept(RdM MiX) (Dance)
2) Nexium (Dance/Trance)
3) Outrun (Techno)
4) Pirate Dance (Techno/Dance)
5) Grendell (Hardstyle)
6) The Beginning of Time (Trance/Techno)
7) Hollow Man (Drum And Bass)
8) Break Free (Trance)
9) Can I Have A Cookie (Dubstep)
10) Positive Vibe (Techno)

Thats not really in any order, but its my top 10 favorites nonetheless.

First Time :P

2010-10-21 22:20:52 by Meonly70

Made my first Dubstep song. Check it out :P



2010-10-18 01:12:02 by Meonly70

Dubstep anyone?

Working on a track :)

Madness Day '10

2010-09-22 01:20:58 by Meonly70

Released a track made for the madness flash called Incident:001a. Hope you enjoy the flash and the track!

The Song

The Flash

Back in Business

2010-09-12 03:38:46 by Meonly70

I finally got a new computer for now. I have everything I need to make music once more! Expect to see some uploads by next week :D

First project - Madness >:)

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Status Update

2010-07-10 16:45:58 by Meonly70

Last month my laptop's motherboard fried. I scavenged my memory from it so i have my music files and other projects.

Ever since, I haven't been able to make music whatsoever. I'm using a 10-year old desktop that barley runs, and this computer freezes up whenever I try to use FL :/

I don't know when I'll be getting a new computer. I'll post updates to let you guys know when I'll be back in business.

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Facebook :)

2010-04-21 18:42:26 by Meonly70

Join my fanpage if you have facebook, and like my music :)

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2010-04-11 00:05:21 by Meonly70

Haven't really worked on anything serious for a while, sorry :(

Writers block :(